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    Welcome to IDEAS Consultation and Coaching





If you’re like me, you love being an immigration lawyer because you can help clients and their families from all over the world using your legal expertise. You’re proud to run your own practice, which gives you more control over your work and the potential for more wealth and freedom in your life. 


Every day, you stand up for your clients, presenting their equities and the significant contributions they’ll make to America through their hard work, intelligence, and motivation to establish a new life or business in this country.


But, representing clients and running a practice is demanding. You may find yourself wondering: what happened to your vision? The truth is, you’re probably overworked and overwhelmed. You may feel frustrated, anxious, and even abandoned. Too often, it feels like you’re just spinning your wheels: 


  • you want do your best work, but feel like you’ll never catch up

  • you worry about attracting clients who can pay for your services

  • you hesitate to raise your fees, but you’re not making enough money

  • you love winning client cases, but it’s an uphill battle these days

  • you feel overwhelmed by the pace and client demands 

  • you want quality time with family and friends, but you feel too tired 



It doesn’t have to be that way! In fact, I built IDEAS to serve colleagues like you!


If you share my passion for justice and fairness, are motivated to learn and grow throughout your life, and are ready to transform your practice and business, so you can make a difference and love your life, let’s take your work and your vision to the next level!


                                                                                Come thrive with me!



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