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Lory D. Rosenberg


                                        IDEAS On Call Consulting and Mentoring















Whether your work involves detention cases, criminal removal defense, immigrant visa waivers and adjustment issues, investor petitions, or asylum requests – and you find yourself struggling with defining a social group, describing extreme hardship, crafting a safe-haven plea, filing your first appeal or handling one of many, or even confronting an EOIR disciplinary complaint . . .


  •  If you need to quickly and confidently resolve challenging legal issues  

  •  If you are looking for the motivation to proceed with a case or project

  •  If you want to take effective action to best serve your clients’ interests


On Call consulting and mentoring programs allow you to brainstorm your case strategy and analysis with an immigration law expert, while you easily increase your knowledge of the law, implement the latest practice tips, and effectively expand your experience and expertise.  


IDEAS On Call private, 1:1 consulting and mentoring is for you whether you’re a solo practitioner, criminal defense counsel, head of your firm’s immigration department, policy maker, public defender, pro bono counsel, or staff attorney.


Get help within 24-48 hours when you enroll in a 3, 6 or 12-month program!


Contact IDEAS and arrange for support when you need it!  

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