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Lory D. Rosenberg

              I’m Lory Rosenberg and I’m excited to connect with you!


                     Here are some things you might be interested to know about my work and my background:



My Work

I’m an acclaimed and highly experienced immigration attorney, mentor and certified coach, committed to empowering others with cutting-edge legal analysis, conscious business and practice development strategies, and work-life coaching to help them overcome challenges and obstacles to achieving their goals.


My mission is to inspire and empower immigration lawyers to provide the highest quality legal services, pursue conscious business practices, unleash their potential and strive for excellence in all they do, so they can achieve authentic success and make a difference in the world.  


I work with attorneys on complex immigration law, practice and appeal issues, and coach them on goal setting, strategic planning, branding, marketing, business and personal development, stress management and achieving balance and joy in their lives.  My style is bold, insightful, and persistent, and I am a passionate teacher and advocate. I believe in holistic lawyering and engaging our whole being, mind, heart, and soul, in everything we do.  


                                                        I’d love to help you succeed and thrive!

My Background


I was a Board Member on the Board of Immigration Appeals between 1995 and 2002, where I reviewed over 20,000 appeals from the decisions of Immigration Judges, and was known as the “great dissenter.” I am co-author of Immigration Law and Crimes, and taught Immigration Law and Policy, and Refugee and Asylum Law at American University, Washington College of Law.


I have worked as a non-profit legal/litigation director, featured columnist, legal services lawyer, founder of a refugee center legal program, and a solo immigration practitioner and immigration law consultant. I have provided regional, national and international seminars and trainings for judges, attorneys and paralegals on a broad variety of immigration law and practice topics, and have written or collaborated on numerous amicus briefs to the federal circuit courts of appeal and the Supreme Court.

I grew up in the Midwest committed to equality and social justice. As an undergraduate, I studied film and television production/direction at the NYU School of the Arts in New York, receiving a BFA,  and then attended law school at Northeastern University School of Law in Boston, where I received my JD. My commitment to justice, fairness and compassion has remained constant and guides my life.


                                        EMPOWER YOURSELF.       MAKE A DIFFERENCE.       LOVE YOUR LIFE.



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