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​If you or a family member is applying for work and employment visas, it is wise to consult with an attorney first. The process is long and can be complex.


One error or missed deadline can have severe consequences.


Our attorneys are skilled at guiding clients through the process and educating them about the challenges they might face.


The attorneys at Immigrant Defenders Law Group have more than 20 combined years of experience in immigration law. We have handled a wide range of issues and different types of visa applications for our clients, including:


  • H-1A: This visa type is for medical professionals such as nurses or technicians.

  • H-1B: This visa type is for college-educated professionals with a job offer in the United States.

  • H-2A: This visa type is for seasonal work, namely agricultural workers.

  • H-2B: This visa type is for manual laborers such as landscaping or construction workers.


There are several more visa types, each for workers filling a different function in the United States. Contact our office to learn more about which visa is best for your situation, and how our staff of dedicated professionals can help you.​


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Work & Employement Visas​


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If you have questions schedule a consultation with an attorney at Immigrant Defenders Law Group. We offer office and phone consultations and accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover as payment. 

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