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Past Convictions & Expungements

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Following a criminal conviction, in some circumstances, an individual can have this charge expunged or removed from his or her criminal record. If you are a non-citizen, however, expungement will do nothing to protect your immigration status if deportation becomes a reality.


An illegal immigrant who has been convicted of a crime must go through a special post-conviction relief process.


In this process, it is necessary to go back and reopen the original case. In this way, your attorney can work to get the conviction changed or vacated in a manner that specifically complies with immigration law.


The attorneys at Immigrant Defenders Law Group have more than 20 combined years of experience handling this complicated and time-consuming process. We understand what is at stake and how best to help our clients. The difficulty can often come in the form of differing timetables.


Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) can move through the deportation procedure as soon as a conviction or plea is finalized. The post-conviction relief process, unfortunately, can move slowly. An experienced attorney  can work quickly to protect you and attempt to clear your record.


Past Convictions & Expungements | Condenas anteriores y Eliminación de antecedentes penales | Immigrant Defenders Law Group

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