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How do I get a bond?

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If you have a family member in jail awaiting a bond, you can feel helpless and unsure where to turn. Our firm has a great deal of experience helping clients as they struggle with immigration and criminal offense dilemmas.


At Immigrant Defenders Law Group, we understand that the legal process can be confusing and frustrating. Our goal is to educate clients on the process, timelines and the challenges they might face. The first step is to get your loved one out of jail on bond.Getting a non-citizen out of jail with a bond can be much more difficult than normal. The first step is finding out where your family member or loved one is being held. Several online tools like the ICE Locator can help you do this.


One you find out where your loved one is being held, many jails won't let a non-citizen out if ICE has filed a "detainer" or "hold". Don't give up. This is where a good immigration lawyer can negotiate a bond with ICE so that you family member doesn't stay in jail longer than necessary.


In many cases, family and friends don't have enough money to the bond. A good attorney can work with a reputable bondsmen to help you pay the bond. If you have collateral such as a house or a good work history, you may be able to get your loved one out of jail by paying only a small percent of the total bond amount.


The key here is to act fast.


The deportation process can be quick and every minute counts. It's very important to have a good attorney on your side who will work to get your loved one out of jail before it is too late.






How do I get a bond | Como obtengo una fianza | Immigrant Defenders Law Group

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