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Have you ever been given bad advice? Have you been denied a family visa or green card? All hope is not lost. In these situations, you should have experienced attorneys on your side fighting for your rights and freedom.


At Immigrant Denfenders Law Group we have helped many people through appeals and post-conviction relief. An appeal is a "do over." It is a way of fixing an error that has been committed in the past. Some of the many types of appeals we have handled include:


  • Deportation appeals

  • Visa denial appeals

  • Green card denial appeals


Many immigrants have been convicted of crimes and been deported.


There are ways to appeal and reopen your case. You need an experienced law firm fighting on your side.


Immigration law can be confusing and complicated. Unfortunately, there are attorneys practicing who might not be aware of all the intricacies and paperwork that can be involved in the process. If appeals are not handled properly the first time, it might be difficult to prove your case the next time. It is best to immediately contact a firm with the skill, knowledge and experience to help you. Call us immediately.



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If you have questions schedule a consultation with an attorney at Immigrant Defenders Law Group. We offer office and phone consultations and accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover as payment. 

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