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Family Visas

Family Visas | Visas Familiares | Immigrant Defenders Law Group
A good portion of deportation cases get triggered in the system by people trying to navigate the family visa or green card application process by themselves. A single misstep, missed deadline or incorrect answer can halt the entire process and get you into serious trouble.


You need to be extremely careful when filling out paperwork for the government.


It is wise to seek the services of knowledgeable family visa attorneys immediately.


At Immigrant Defenders Law Group, we provide legal advice and guidance to individuals attempting to complete the family visa process. There are several types of visas related to a family unit, including:


  • K1 visa for a fiancé/fiancée

  • K2 visa for children of a non-citizen fiancé/fiancée

  • K3 visa for marriage to a United States citizen

  • K4 visa for children of the non-citizen spouse


Each of these visas can be complicated, full of paperwork and have very strict deadlines. Our attorneys have more than 20 combined years of experience handling this type of paperwork in situations ranging from straightforward to extremely complex.


Trust us to navigate you through the process.






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If you have questions schedule a consultation with an attorney at Immigrant Defenders Law Group. We offer office and phone consultations and accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover as payment. 

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